Version 1

Open on a wide shot of a strange, alien landscape. A massive planet with rings is in the fiery red sky. A figure steps into frame just as we see something way off in the distance from over his shoulder. It’s falling fast at an angle. It’s something like a comet, or maybe a ship. The unidentified object crashes into the surface a few miles off. The figure, our hero, sets off to find the crash site. Passing over rolling dunes and through a deep valley and last a thick and strange forest. Finally, our hero reaches a clearing in the forest, but it’s not a normal clearing at all. It’s a massive crater. Way down at it’s base is the unknown object. But now we can see the form of it. It’s some kind of ship. Still smoking from the impact. Our hero makes his way down the wall of the crater to the ship. It seems whoever was in this ship must surely be dead. But then we hear a noise from behind or inside the ship. Slowly, a figure creeps out from the other side. Our hero and the foreigner make eye contact. The foreigner smiles timidly. Our hero responds likewise. A first encounter. Cut to black.

Version 2

We open on a chaotic scene. Lights flashing and warning sirens. It’s the inside of a ship and our hero is the pilot. We are going down and fast. The instruments read: “planet unknown” and the time until impact is “very soon.” We cut to a wide of the ship falling from a great distance. Over the shoulder of an unknown figure. Cut back to the terrified face of our hero. Impact! A wide from the POV of the unknown figure. He steps off screen. Cut back to the crash site. Tight shot of the hand of our hero. A beat. Then, life. He moves just a bit. The instruments read “vitals low” He needs to get into a new suit, but is too weak to move. He fades in and out of consciousness a few times. We fade back up to see the unknown native helping to free our hero from his harness. He finally gets him free and sees something is wrong but doesn’t know what. He doesn’t realize our hero needs oxygen. He looks around from anything. A crowbar? A book? All of these things are totally unknown to him. Then something glistens and catches his eye. The visor of another suit. He looks back at our hero and sees a crack in the visor. Maybe a new suit would do the trick? So he struggles to put the new suit on him and does it. He waits. His vitals come back. Cut to black.

Version 3

Open on a wide shot of a strange, alien landscape. We see an object falling from the sky like a comet. Cut in close to reveal that it’s some kind of ship. Back to a wide but now it’s over the shoulder of our hero. We see the impact create a puff of dust and debris. Our hero sets off to find it. Across a vast desert and a deep valley he finally emerges to the place of initial impact, but the ship is not here. A trail from the impact stretches for what seems like forever. Cut into the ground as if a giant hand dragged along beyond the horizon. There is a faint cloud of smoke in the distance. Our hero follows the wake of this crash landing for a mile maybe more until finally reaching the ship. A figure steps out from behind the ship and for a moment they just look at each other. Cut to black.